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Net-Marketer Forum Rules and Procedures

Updated: May 27th, 2013

NMF is a diverse forum community where we all can share information on net-marketer opportunities, and make friends or new business associates at the same time. Our intention is not to become an advertising forum; there are many other online resources for that purpose. Please follow these rules and guidelines to keep your forum organized and the information meaningful and relevant. 


1. Posting New Topics

Please read specific forum rules/guidelines which are posted above each individual forum before posting.

Posts Must Be In ENGLISH:
MMG is an English speaking forum and all posts must be made in English. The only exception is when posting in the "International Chat" forums.

No Double Posts:
Make sure you search the entire forum first (from the homepage) to make sure you won't be making a duplicate thread. Do not double post the same thing in multiple sections. DO NOT open a new topic just because a program started a new "round" or happens to be in the Inactive section of the forum. If a thread is inactive and needs to be moved to the current section, use the REPORT button.

Use Correct Topic Format:
When announcing a new program on the forum, please follow the proper format or your thread could be deleted without notice. The Title line has to have the name of the program and then the url, nothing else. The 2nd line or sub-title should show payment processors, investment plan, and any other relevant info. 

NMForum - (no ref link in title)
Ebullion, LibertyReserve, alertPay. Forced 2x2 matrix

List Only ONE Program Per Thread:
Don't start a topic to list multiple programs, these would be impossible to keep organized. Each program belongs in it's own separate thread, make sure it hasn't been posted previously. ALSO, Do not post multiple versions of the same URL on a subdomain, they belong in the same program thread where the main URL is listed.


  • Forum-based programs. All programs listed here must have their own website! Blogs, payment links, splash pages, or other forums are NOT considered program websites.
  • Offers to buy or sell any investment type scripts on MMG, including scripts for hyips, autosurf, and doublers.
  • Any type of hacking software or script or anything else that could used for illegal activities
  • Offers to buy or sell any type of VCC, VPP, VMI cards or loads, bank accounts, AVS verifications, card limits, or any other similar item or service.
  • A blog or website listing programs and/or referral links. You can post personal sites once in the Ads & Promo section if you are an upgraded member.
  • A new thread that doesn't explain the program or its details, and tells members to contact you for more information.
  • PayPal (or any other type) Chain Letter Schemes.
  • Clickbank products or sites
  • Adult hyip sites or any type of program with an adult (porn) theme.
  • Links to forums that have similar content to NMF, ie: net-marketer topics
  • A program in pre-Launch unless there is an active website link for members to sign-up. Do not post splash pages or capture pages that do not give any information on the program.
  • Threads or Posts offering items, services or accounts for sale, this is only allowed in the Buying, Selling & Trading section and limited to upgraded members.
  • Posts offering to buy or sell eCurrency or Payment Processor accounts are not allowed anywhere on the forum.

2. Referral Links, Signatures, Avatars & Hijacking

Referral Links:
Affiliate or Referral links are ONLY allowed in the program sections (Hyip/non-Hyip, Autosurf, GPT, MLM, Cyclers, Games, and FreeGiveaway), the Social Networking Sections or Internet Marketing & Promotion Subforums. The link belongs in the first post of the thread ONLY, by the person who started the topic. This also applies if the program is announced by the program admin, who cannot post another members referral ID in his post. DO NOT post links in any other post or section of NMF!

Do NOT place any currency exchange offers or links in your signature unless you meet the NMF guidelines for doing member-to-member exchanges. You must have an upgraded NMF supporter account, AND have been a member for at least 90 days, AND have 250 posts to be eligible.

You may post up to 500 characters of text using a font size 3 or under. This includes a maximum of 3 URLs, but no more than 5 lines total - which INCLUDES any spaces or blank lines. The text lines may NOT wrap onto the next line. 


1. http ://
2. [space]
3. http ://
4. [space]
5. http ://


1. http ://
2. http ://
3. http ://

In addition to the above, ONE banner may be posted in your signature if you have an upgraded NMF membership only. The banner must be of standard size which is 728x 90 pixels horizontally. Do not use any form of signature advertising services, DO NOT sell or rent your signature space or allow other people to advertise in your will be banned. 

Avatars & Usernames:
Avatars can not have excessive flashing effects. Avatars & Usernames must be in good taste. They cannot impersonate NMF admin or moderators or any other member. Determination of appropriateness is at the sole discretion of NMF Staff. 

Do not "post hijack" by placing your referral link in any threads other than ones you have created. There are no "cashback offers" allowed in the program threads, if you must make an offer it belongs in the benefactor section. 

DO NOT post asking people to contact you, click on your signature, visit your website or blog, join under you, sponsor you, make you an offer, or anything similar.

TEAM/Co-op discussion or downline updates do not belong in the program threads. Do not mention teams or co-ops by name, compare various teams or co-ops, or draw any unnecessary attention to teams or co-ops. This is considered hijacking since there usually are multiple teams or co-ops working a program. NMF has a section dedicated to teambuilding. 


Do not post spam on the forum or send spam via PM; you will be banned without notice. Do not "bump" threads by making pointless posts just to bring a thread back to the top of the topic index. Short and repetitive posts such as "looking", "I'm in", and "Where is admin" or anything similar are considered spam and are unacceptable. Members engaging in useless posting in order to get their "post count" up will be banned for spamming. These posts do not contribute anything to the community and are a waste of space.

Do not offer to pay NMF members to post, and do not accept payment for posting. This encourages spam and useless posts, and is not acceptable on NMF. We feel this type of a "promotion" is dishonest and deceitful. Paid posters and the admin who hire them will be banned without notice.

If you run a monitor site, do not post the payment status of various programs in any of the program threads! Do not post about your monitor service in the program threads, and do not PM the admin about your monitor. This is all considered spam. If you would like to make an offer to the program's admin, do not use MMG for this purpose. Please contact the program's admin directly through "e-mail" or "support" on their site ONLY. 

If you run a monitor site, blog or other website:

  • Do not post about your monitor service in the program threads.
  • Do not send PM's soliciting advertising to the program admins regarding your monitor or blog.
  • Do not post links of any kind to your blog or monitor, these belong in your signature.
  • Do not post things like "There is a review on my blog/monitor, click below to read", "I published a review, please read on my blog". Instead share a part of your review, for instance the most important points and then feel free to mention where to go to read more of the details.

This is all considered spam. If you would like to make an offer to the program's admin, do not use NMF for this purpose. Please contact the program's admin directly through "e-mail" or "support" on their site ONLY.

4. Professional Conduct

Do not create multiple NMF accounts 
Members are only allowed to create ONE account on this forum. If you have forgotten your username or password then please submit a support ticket, Do NOT create another username! Multiple accounts are usually used to deceive members and this will not be allowed here. If you are found to own multiple accounts, even if they are not actively being used, they will all be permanently banned without notice. If your account has been banned - you cannot create a new account. Do NOT request to have your account deactivated for the purpose of creating a new account! Again, members are only allowed to create ONE account on this forum.

Be courteous and professional 
There will be no personal attacks, name-calling, racist remarks, fighting, making threats or using foul language! We have a diverse community here with differing opinions and thoughts. Everyone is entitled to state their opinion, even if it is an opposing opinion, as long as the NMF rules are followed. YOU are not allowed to engage in arguments with other members, please use the REPORT button if you feel someone is violating forum rules. Determination of what constitutes a personal attack, name-calling, etc. is at the sole discretion of NMF Staff.

No Trolling
Stating your opinion and trolling are different things. If you are bringing a constant and negative attitude to the forums by continually posting the same repetitive information, we will consider it trolling. Do not spread lies, rumors, or make unsubstantiated claims. If you believe something is a scam or someone is not telling the truth then please post the proof to back up your statement. Determination of trolling is at the sole discretion of NMF Staff. It is not YOUR job to "call out" or attack someone you feel is trolling, use the REPORT button if you feel someone is violating forum rules.

Impersonating MMG or Staff
If you are found to be impersonating NMF admin or any other staff members within or outside of NMF via email, spoofing, or any other methods, you will be immediately banned from this forum. Do not use the Net-Marketer Forums or NMF name to promote anything or mislead others. Any action or behavior that attempts to make others believe that NMF is sponsoring, endorsing, approving, or involved in any program, offer, or other enterprise will also result in removal from the forum.

5. Miscellaneous

Currency Exchanging
Do not participate in any currency exchanges in any section of the forum or via PM. When you have been an NMF member for 90 days and have 250 posts, you will gain access to the Member-to-Member exchange section if you have an upgraded "NMF Supporter" account.

Do not create posts or send a PM to people asking them for a bonus, money, loans, exchanges or other offers, and do not ask to be benefactored into a program. Check the benefactor section for offers made by our members.



We realize that NMF is a large forum with thousands of topics. If you are looking for a specific thread, you can click on the Search Link at the very top of the forum. The search function allows you to input a number of different variables to help aid you in finding a specific thread.

MMG is organized to help you sort through different investment opportunities quickly and efficiently. 

Programs are separated into several different categories based on the characteristics of the program. Our current categories include: HYIPs, Autosurfs, Investment Programs (non-hyip), Referral, MLM & Network marketing,Money Cyclers, and Other GPT (get paid to). If you are looking for a certain type of program, it would be best that you start reading in the best category that fits your needs.

Please understand that NMF is not a program monitor and has no way of monitoring which programs are paying and which are not. When making an investment decision, it is your responsibility to research and collect as much information as possible about a program and then make your own decision.

If and when a staff member finds a program administrator with multiple usernames, or someone who is hiring paid posters to try and mislead people, they will edit the first post of the thread and insert a red, bold, caution message with a description of what the issue is. What you decide to do with this information is purely up to you. This information can greatly aid your decision making, so it is important that you check the first post of every thread. At our discretion, NMF may move the thread out of the active forum when this situation is found.

Closed, Inactive & Offline Programs: 
In each program category, you will find a sub-folder at the top that contains Closed, Inactive, and Offline Programs.

Closed programs are programs whose administrators have officially announced the end to their programs. 

Inactive programs are programs whose thread on NMF has not had a single post for a period of 4+ weeks. 

Offline programs are programs whose websites have been down for a minimum of 7 days.

If a thread is located in this area, it does NOT mean you can open a new topic for the same program! If you feel a topic is miscategorized and belongs in the active section, please use the report button located in the thread. A staff member will review the thread and move it if necessary, Just be sure the topic is currently active and contains recent posts.

MMG like any other large community will have some people, for whatever reason, that break the rules. Our goal is to make NMF as organized and friendly as possible but with thousands of posts every day, it is impossible for the staff to monitor every single post made. As such, the staff relies on the eyes and ears of the members to help make sure things run smoothly and efficiently.

If you ever notice someone violating the rules, we would greatly appreciate if you would take a few extra seconds and report the problem to the staff. This community is what you make out of it. While you aren't required to help out, NMF will be a better place if you do. 

You do not need to worry about being a tattle tale. A reporters confidentiality is always protected so NMF members have no way of knowing who reported them.

Please don't PM the individual staff members about a problem on the forum, just use the REPORT button.

How to report:
Making a report is simple an easy. All you need to do is:
1)Click on the Report button at the bottom left hand corner of the offending post.
2)Type up a short description on the problem
3)Click the Submit Report button.
That's it! You are done, and the staff will handle it from here.

Account issues:
Please submit a a e.mail at for issues or problems with your NMF account.

If at any time you are given a warning for violating the rules, please don't make a big deal out of it. Warnings are used as a tool to help members become more aware of our forum rules.

Only you and the moderating team can see your warning level, so it is not a scarlet mark. If you don't say anything about it, nobody will know. Your warning level may be reduced over time if you can show us that you understand the rules and do not break them for a 30-60 day period. If you want to see the details of your individual warning, double-click on the % link in your warning bar.

If this time period has passed, and you feel your warning level should be lowered, you may kindly send a SUPPORT TICKET and we will evaluate if it should be reduced or not.